Repair and Maintenance

We work on any bicycle. Our service department is professionally trained and certified to work on all bicycle makes and models – not just the ones we sell.

New bikes come with free courtesy adjustments for the first year of ownership. We’ll check over all the bolts, check your tire pressure, and adjust your brakes and shifting so everything feels just like it did the day you bought it!

We work hard to get your bike back to you as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on ride time; we strive for 48 hours or less unless special ordered parts are necessary. 

Walk-ins and appointments are welcome, all repairs are inspected and quoted before completion and delivery, and satisfaction is guaranteed for 30 days following a recommended service package. See our service interval recommendations.

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keep your bike tuned up

Service Packages

Keep your bike in top condition with service packages designed to ensure that your bike is always performing when you need it.



Recommended every 25- 50 hours of ride time

  • Bike wash
  • Lube chain
  • Align and adjust brakes
  • Align and adjust shifting
  • Adjust headset
  • Inspect bottom bracket
  • Torque all fasteners to manufacturer’s specification

Replacement parts not included in service package price



Recommended every 50-100 hours of ride time.

Silver includes everything from the Bronze plus:

  • Remove and deep clean all drivetrain components
  • Lateral and radial wheel true and balance spoke tension.


Additional 50-hour Suspension Service Recommended for Mountain:

  • Fork seal, rear shock air can, dropper post lubrication service


Replacement parts not included in service package price.




Recommended every 100-200 hours of ride time.

Gold includes everything from the Silver plus: 

  • Disassemble entire bike and deep clean all parts
  • Overhaul all bearing systems
  • Flush and replace hydraulic fluids
  • Replace all cables and housings
  • Overhaul front and rear mountain bike suspension and dropper post
  • Installation of all aftermarket parts & accessories included at time of service


Replacement parts not included in service package price.

Note: Pricing varies for bikes with suspension. Ask your service writer for details.

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