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Brickyard Bike Co. in Columbus, Georgia, consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations by offering a wide variety of Trek Bikes, a unique shopping experience, and excellent service, demonstrating its commitment to the local cycling community.

Trek Lands in Columbus, Ga

For those in Columbus, GA, seeking to buy a Trek Bike, Brickyard Bike Co. is the premier choice. This shop features a comprehensive selection of Trek Bikes and fosters a dynamic community environment catering to all cycling enthusiasts. The shop’s inviting atmosphere and proficient service consistently surpass customer expectations.

Brickyard Bike Co. took pride in reintroducing the distinguished Trek brand to Columbus, GA in 2019, a move celebrated by local cyclists. The shop, located at the intersection of Brickyard Road and Dillingham Street, transformed an old building into a cyclist’s haven, despite initial construction challenges, showcasing their commitment to quality.

The store entices visitors with its distinctive charm, featuring exposed brick, high ceilings, and a spacious service area. The aroma of fresh espresso adds to the unique shopping ambiance. Their wide array of Trek Bikes and gear, along with a dedicated and passionate team, illustrates their commitment to Columbus’ cycling community.

When considering a Trek Bike purchase in Columbus, GA, Brickyard Bike Co. is the top choice. The shop’s unique atmosphere, an exclusive range of Trek products, and unwavering support for the local cycling community ensure an exceptional shopping experience. The expertise and passion for cycling that Brickyard Bike Co. brings to the table turn each Trek Bike purchase into a truly memorable experience.

Bicycle Shop in Columbus, GA

As recognized experts in the realm of mountain biking, the team at Brickyard Bike Co. in Columbus, GA is the authority when it comes to choosing the ideal Trek Bike. This store not only showcases a remarkable selection of Trek Bikes, but it also nurtures a vibrant local cycling community. Its inviting environment and high-level service continue to exceed both the novice and experienced biker’s expectations.

In 2019, the passionate team at Brickyard Bike Co. reintroduced the esteemed Trek brand to Columbus, a move that has significantly enriched the local cycling community. The store, situated at the intersection of Brickyard Road and Dillingham Street, saw the transformation of an old building into a cycling haven, overcoming initial construction challenges, and thereby illustrating its commitment to excellence.

Brickyard Bike Co. stands out for its comprehensive range of bike parts and exceptional repair services. It’s a one-stop-shop for brakes, tires, suspensions, drivetrains, and handlebars, essential components for superior mountain biking performance. Furthermore, its spacious, well-equipped service area offers top-tier maintenance and repair services, ensuring bikes receive expert care, whether for minor adjustments or major overhauls.

The store’s unique ambiance, with its exposed brickwork, high ceilings, and the aroma of freshly brewed espresso, further enhances the shopping experience. The devoted and knowledgeable team, always ready to assist, guides customers through the wide selection of Trek Bikes and gear, helping each individual find the perfect fit for their mountain biking adventures.

In Columbus, GA, Brickyard Bike Co. is the premier choice for anyone seeking to purchase a Trek Bike or requiring top-quality bike parts and services. Its distinctive atmosphere, extensive product range, superior service, and solid commitment to the local cycling community ensure an exceptional shopping experience for all mountain biking enthusiasts.


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Brickyard Bike Co., a central pillar for the cycling community in Columbus, Georgia, provides a diverse selection of Trek Bikes and a unique retail atmosphere, consistently surpassing customer expectations with their unwavering commitment to service and love for cycling.

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